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PROTECK ITALIA is the Italian company that offers a complete range of pioneering equipment for professionals of professional aesthetics. Since 2015 offers a series of technologies designed to guarantee results that are efficient and widely found in the fight against imperfections more complicated.

PROTECK ITALIA born from the experience of PROEQUIPE, a company that since 2006 distributes products and equipment for professionals in the field of aesthetics. The relationship matured with the multiple difficulties of those who work in a very competitive sector has been crucial to create an offer tailored to the needs of those who work.
The winning idea on which the PROTECK ITALIA project is based, in fact, is that of combining the technological offer with a series of commercial and training solutions to provide professionals with optimal working conditions.

Those who choose PROTECK ITALIA choose to equip themselves with equipment that is the result of careful research, which are the absolute avant-garde in the sector.

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