BodySymmetrical biphasic wave


Body Wave is the most intense and advanced electromagnetic muscle stimulator.

It is an EWT (Electromagnetic Wave Technology) device designed for aesthetic purposes that, by means of a focused electromagnetic field, passes through the entire skin and the panniculus adiposus effectively stimulating the muscle by means of continuous and intense contractions, it subjects the affected area to an extreme workout that causes a significant reshaping of the body by promoting muscle growth and increased fat metabolism.

BODY Wave is the innovative symmetrical biphasic wave electromagnetic system that has an effect on muscle tissue and fat tissue, strengthens and increases muscle volume and at the same time reduces centimetres by targeting fat.

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Aesthetic equipment


Localised fat

Fibrous cellulite
Sclerotic cellulite

Skin relaxation

Stretch marks


  • Reduces panniculus adiposus resulting in body reshaping
  • Strengthens and redefines the muscle tissue of the abdomen, arms, buttocks and legs
  • Gives elasticity and tonicity to tissue
  • Reactivates blood and lymphatic circulation resulting in a draining effect