BodyPressomassage for aesthetic use


Pressomassage Technology PRESSOTECK performs its function through a mechanical massage by means of special air chambers, each having focussing on several areas: LOWER LIMBS, ARMS, ABDOMEN; which, thanks to the pressure exerted by varying intensity air jets, will inflate and deflate for a given time interval producing a peristaltic wave.

This sequential wave pressure promotes the increased flow of body fluids (lymph, blood), where they stagnate, to the lymphatic ganglia, to be expelled or recirculated.

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Aesthetic equipment


Localised fat

Skin relaxation

Swollen legs


  • Pressomassage is used for areas of the body with the most circulatory problems and is suitable in all cases where manual massage is prescribed;
  • The massage performed by the Technology can also be optimised by the complementary application of cosmetic products with specific active ingredients.