BodyInfrared laser body slimming


Innovative laser technology using the monochromaticity of DIODO and its selectivity to treat localised fat.

Equipped with special plates, it acts on the cells of the panniculus adiposus through a non-invasive and non-hazardous system.

The technology works by stimulating fat cells with light pulses emitted by LED lamps.

It is a process based on the reaction of skin cells, i.e. receptors, which absorb light by transforming it into heat, stimulating cellular activity resulting in increased fat metabolism.

The fat cells are reduced in volume, resulting in a gradual reduction of localised panniculus adiposus in a physiological manner, without trauma.

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Aesthetic equipment


Localised fat

Fibrous cellulite
Sclerotic cellulite

Skin relaxation

Swollen legs


  • Reduction of cellulite blemishes
  • Reduction in cm
  • Clear results from the first few sessions