PROTECK ITALIA allows you to dispose of professional equipment for your business through a convenient fixed rental fee that will allow you to also enjoy tax benefits.

Indeed, you must know that thanks to the full deductibility of rents good outside of the list of assets, so it is not evaluated in field studies.


Solution that allows you to rent the desired machine for one week per month, with the possibility to choose the total rental contract period (eg Free, 6 months, 12 months).

At the end of the contract period it will be possible to evaluate the purchase of the machinery, deducting the cost of the fees used.


You will have the promotional effectiveness of the “open day” formula, during which you will have the opportunity to test the equipment together with your customers, under the supervision of one of our specialized technicians, without any kind of contractual obligation.


Periodically you will benefit from an event built for deepen the knowledge of technologies and updating of the systems with new regulations; presentation of news, new protocols.

To report the events will be the highly trained technical and commercial staff.