Body & FaceMultipolar resistive radiofrequency


A non-invasive and painless method which effectively combats the signs of skin ageing and provides a lasting improvement in the quality of the skin of the body and face, by attenuating the main imperfections affecting it, e.g. wrinkles and sagging.

Promotes rejuvenation and counteracts tissue ageing.

The biophysical effect of radio frequency is based on the conversion of electrical energy into heat.

Controlled and localised heat from the tissue (Diathermy) stimulates self-repair in the dermis.

The main goal is to raise the temperature to obtain a tightening effect where the thermal action on the fibroblasts induces an increase in activity by producing new collagen and thus, a prolonged firming effect.

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Aesthetic equipment


Localised fat

Fibrous cellulite

Skin relaxation

Stretch marks


Deep wrinkles

Dark circles and bags

Skin relaxation


  • Improvement and stimulation of blood circulation
  • Reabsorption and drainage of excess fluid
  • Improved tissue elasticity, toning
  • Reduction of cellulite blemishes
  • Reduction and smoothing of surface and deep wrinkles
  • Lifting effect
  • Push-up effect