BodyInfrasonic vibration


Sonicteck is the innovative infrasonic wave system that, at frequencies below 20 Hz, depending on the frequency of propagation and the body into which they are emitted, changes their depth and function, generating two types of reaction:

Wave motion (low frequency and shallow depth) suitable for treating cellulite and water retention

The vortex (high frequency and greater depth) ideal for treating localised adiposity and atonias.

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Aesthetic equipment


Localised fat

Fibrous cellulite
Sclerotic cellulite

Skin relaxation


The technology, equipped with 4 terminals with different diameters and number of attachments that can be selected according to the imperfection, significantly reduces the contraindications associated with electro-medical equipment as, since there is no current transmission, it is safer and more painless.


  • Improves blood and lymphatic circulation
  • Counteracts cellulite
  • Reduces panniculus adiposus resulting in body reshaping
  • Gives elasticity and tonicity to tissue